Saturday, December 18, 2010

Philosophy Examples

Writing them like this helped me remember them for my exam. :] I'll try and use two examples for each one.

Hypothetical Syllogism

If Stephen Colbert is scared of bears, then he won't leave his cabin when one is outside. If he doesn't leave his cabin when there's a bear outside, he won't be able to get to the city to do his christmas special. Therefore, if Stephen Colbert is scared of bears, he won't be able to do his christmas special.

If Amber gets Zydrate from her father's company, then he'll know just how much Zydrate she uses. If her father knows how much Zydrate she uses, then he can control how much is available to her. Therefore, if Amber got her Zydrate from GeneCo, Rotti could control how much Zydrate she could get.

Disjunctive Syllogism

Marni had to choose between Rotti and Nathan. She did not choose Rotti, therefore she chose Nathan.

Rachel Berry had to choose to be with Finn or Jesse. She did not choose Finn, therefore she chose Jesse.

Modus Ponens

If I see you driving 'round town with a girl I love, then fuck you. I see you driving 'round town. Therefore fuck you.

If you are delinquent in your organ payments, the Repo Man will take your organs. You were late in your organ payments, therefore the Repo Man will take your organs.

Modus Tollens

If Shilo has a blood disease, it's not safe for her to go outside. Shilo doesn't have a real disease, therefore she can go wherever she wants.

If Stephen Colbert puts antlers on a goat the right way, we can't tell that it's not a reindeer. We can tell it's not a reindeer, so the antlers must not be on the right way.

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