Friday, December 3, 2010

A Beginning Post

 Hello all!

This is my beginning post of this blog. I’m hopefully going to be talking about a lot of different things, especially as I become a fan of more and more feminist/issue-based blogs. I’m always happy to run my mouth off about things I think are important, and comment on issues that are on my mind. I’m likely going to share a bit about my current story I’m working on, because the more I think about and change my characters, the better. (I’m currently more focused on them then my story, because I’m intent on making them real characters.) I might share when I contact MPs/MPPs about issues as well, because that’s always a bit of fun.

I’m Kendra, by the way, I’m eighteen, a first-year student at Brock, living off campus in St. Catharines, Ontario. I’m cisgendered, bisexual, white, able-bodied, overweight, and I can’t think of anymore labels to stick on myself at the moment. I want to write novels, and whatever I’ll do for money until I can live off book-writing is still kind of up in the air.

I am more than open to critique, and will likely be doing a bit of my own, and commenters are welcome to disagree with anything I say. I just ask that commenters not use hurtful slurs, or hurtful images.
I’m hoping that this can develop into a blog with all sorts of things posted, and be a fun thing to work on. :]

Thank you to my friend Emily for telling me I oughta write a blog. (Maybe I’ll spout off less things that are making angry/outraged in the news to you with this to post in instead.)

The name comes from how, since a young age, I’ve always loved popcorn. Not just the taste, but the smell, and the sound it makes when it pops, kernel by kernel. So, this blog is named to provoke the thought of that sound of kernels bursting into delicious fluffy goodness.

So, in conclusion, welcome to Popcorn Patter!

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