Sunday, December 5, 2010


I need to have a comprehensive list of monsters/fantasty creatures from a large variety of cultures and mythos (no urban legends)  for a story that I'm working on, and I thought it might be a bit interesting to post some of the creatures every so often. If anyone has a favourite creature, especially if it's a little-known one, feel free to suggest it, and I'll likely add it to the list if it fits the storyline.

Myth List Fragment A:

Al-Miraj, a creature from Islamic mythos, a yellow, harmless looking bunny with a two foot long black spiralling unicorn horn and a nasty attitude. Only witches could make it docile so it could be disposed of. Animals fled from it, and with a few stabs it could take down almost anything

Adar Llwch Gwin, giant birds from Welsh mythos that understand human speak and are obedient to a fault.

Bendith Y Mamau, a kind of Welsh fairy that steals babies, replacing them with ugly changelings called Crimbils. They treat the stolen children well, raise them and teach them music, which the Bendith Y Mamau are very good at. Stolen children are eventually returned with only memories of faint music.

Red Cap, a kind of goblin that are found in abandoned castles along the border of England and Scotland, that kill travellers that come near their homes, and dye their caps in the blood of their victim, prolonging the Red Cap's life. It is impossible to outrun them, and they look like old men with red eyes, taloned hands, large teeth, wearing a red cap and holding a pikestaff.

Kappa, a Japanese watersprite that's child-sized and bipedal, but looks like varying kinds of animals. They have a water-filled, saucer-shaped depression on their heads, and if all the water spills out, the kappa will die. They fear fire, are very mischevious, though they will sometimes kidnap and eat children, and more rarely adults. The kappa loves cucumbers, never breaks a promise, can speak Japanese, and is obsessed with etiquette.

Ennedi Tiger, a tailless large cat larger then a lion (between 8-12 ft) with no tail and large, protruding teeth that mainly lives in the Congo, though it also has been seen in places like the Central African Republic, the Congo, Kenya, and Sudan, amongst others.

Sigbin, a putrid creature from the Phillipine that resembles a hornless goat, walks backwards with it's tail between it's long legs, has very large ears that can make a clapping sound, can use it's very long tail as a whip, and sucks out people's blood through their shadows. Being able to turn invisible at will, these are rumoured to be kept as pets by families that proceed to do very well in business.

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