Saturday, December 11, 2010

Current Favourite Quote

"I'm sick of seeing the word "feminist" being used as the sole or primary qualifier of whether or not a given idea/product/person is good or evil.  It's sloppy, reductionist thinking."
(Warning: Link is NSFW, Furry Girl is, in her own words: "a pornographer, sex worker, and atheist" [Admittedly, the athiesm part doesn't factor into why you probably shouldn't click this link when there's someone behind you who would not be pleased to see a naked lady on your screen, but I kept it in for the sake of the flow of the sentence which has now been destroyed by this clarification of why I included the word atheist] so be careful about clicking.) Furry Girl.

It may be an ironic post just after the last one I made, but I just really like these two sentences. I might think of myself as a feminist, and of a lot of the issues I care about as either being feminist issues, or having elements of feminism, but a large part of my personal understanding of feminism is that it's fluid, and that my understanding of it can definitely be very different from how others think about and use this word. I really agree about how feminism is not a synonym for ethical, and something about how she phrased her thoughts just made me smile and want to quote it. I'm currently reading through her archives, and I'm really enjoying her different perspective on things. I recommend it as long as you have no issues with seeing naked ladies on your computer screen!

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