Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bill C-386 "The Bathroom Bill"

TW for arguments against cis-sexist remarks, description of sexual assault and an antagonistic tone.

Why, why, why, is 'if we can't exclude trans folk from those who we can't discriminate against us...they might use our BATHROOMS' being treated as a legitimate argument? It's stupid. Let's ignore the cis-sexism inherent in the argument, and think about simple logic.

Nothing is actively stopping a predator from entering a bathroom. Nothing at all. If someone is going to enter a room and assault someone...they're going to do so. It doesn't matter if the predator is trans or not, or pretending to be trans. There is no ~magical gender shield~ that prevents people that are presenting as male from entering a bathroom meant for those who present as female, or vice versa.

I even saw a comment where someone brought up how this will stop children from differentiating between predators and non-predators. Here's a hint: predators....ASSAULT PEOPLE. They don't exude some sort of nasty aura you are unaware of, they look at you, they harrass you, they assault you. Campaign Life Coalition national president Jim Hughes has asked “How is the young girl to determine whether or not the man in the bathroom is a ‘peeping tom,’ a rapist or a pedophile?" Well, for one, a trans person who uses the women's washroom is a woman, unless they're trans* and just identify closer with the female part of the spectrum. For another, if they're watching you when you do your business, that's a peeping tom. And if they're touching you inappropriately, or worse...that's a rapist or pedophile. Where exactly Mr. Hughes thinks female predators of female children goes to use the washroom, I am entirely unsure.

People are just making this strange connection between people who have the sexual characteristics of a man being in a woman's washroom, with being a sexual predator. It takes more then that to be a predator. What it takes is, to be blunt, being a predator. The trans woman who's just walking in, going into a stall, washing and drying her hands, and leaving? How is that hurting anyone?

No, hurting your 'moral sense' doesn't count.

Because it is laid out into law that you can't discriminate against trans people, that just means you can't discriminate against them. It doesn't mean they can assault you. And honestly, if you think their legal rights would give them the ability to assault people, I can't imagine how you came to that conclusion.

Making this into a 'bathroom bill' is stupid, based on fear tactics, dishonest, stupid, and inaccurate. I've called all of the Ontario senators about my opinion on this and asked them to pass this bill into law, and I put the link to find senate numbers and e-mails on my last blog post if you would like to do the same.


  1. If you want some intensely dumb statements, read anything, or for that matter watch anything, by Reverend Charles McVety, president of the Canada Family Action Coalition. He was in the National Post for Trans Discrimination a while back. Here's the link.



  2. whoops, sorry, globe and mail lol, not national post (^^;)