Thursday, January 13, 2011

Update: An Odd Coincidence

[tw for parenthetical abuse.]

Well, I'm now able to access, though it took a couple of hours on the phone. His offices said it wasn't their network, and that it must be in mine. (And also let me know it takes at least two months, usually, to get a response from Public Safety. I'm trying to call Public Safety and inquire as to if I could get a quicker answer, but they haven't responded. and I've tried calling several times over the course of a day. Nonetheless, I shall persevere!)

Now, I was already somewhat certain that it wasn't a problem with my network, after all, I haven't been having any other problems with my internet, and my parents' internet, in another city, with another internet provider(Rogers), also couldn't access his website. The only similarity between the two internet connections is, well, me, and the fact that I've e-mailed Minister Toews office from both locales with each internet connection.

But, in the interests of finding out just what the strange issue was, I called Bell technical support, to see if it was in my network, or in Bells'. We pinged the website (and by 'we' I mean Mark, the guy who helped me. I just corrected his grammar when we ended up sending an e-mail later on. Yay english major! Yay teamwork! Yay for Mark helping me figure out the issue!) and found that on the 9th hop (Ping=Like, sending the data through the route it takes to get to the website, and a hop is the data being taken in and sent on from one place to another /look at Kendra talking all techy. For more accurate definitions, you might wanna use google.) that it was getting stopped. This was three hops outside of Bells' network, and more then out of my own internet connection. Basically, once it pinged to in Winnipeg, Manitoba (since Minister Toews constituency is in Manitoba, I believe it's a safe assumption that it's his network that the ping has died in.) it took in the information, but did not send it out again, causing my inability to access Minister Toews website.

After doing something with my DNS (I'm not attempting to describe what exactly, because I'm not positive I understood it exactly right. xD I think it changed part of my internet address, but I could be wrong.) I was able to access But the ping now went around the problem, the problem wasn't solved, and it could very well crop up again. My parents house still cannot access the website.

Another Bell employee (I'm not sure of his name, but he was also very helpful,) who went over the ping that Mark reccomended I scopy/paste and send in, described more about the issue, said it was weird, that it definitely wasn't on my end or on Bell's end, and that because of that, he didn't know what the problem is. And, strangely, he did confirm that it was a possibility that a website could block a specific user from accessing that website using this kind of method, though there's no way to know if that's the case. After being told very firmly by members of Minister's Toews office that it must be on my side, as there was no way whatsoever that they could or would block me from the website. Not that I accused them of it, and I had to ask the second Bell employee if it was possible they could, since it didn't make sense to me that doing so would be, to quote one of the people I talked to today, on the thirteenth of January, "impossible."

So, tomorrow, I shall hopefully find the time to begin my rounds of phone calls and questions again, and maybe get a little bit closer to uncovering how this happened.

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