Wednesday, January 5, 2011

List of Mass Animal Death

A list of all the mass animal deaths I've been able to find, for those losing track:

500 blackbirds and starlings in LA
Up to 5000 blackbirds in Arkansas
Hundreds of dead fish in South Wales
Scores of fish near Dominican Republic/Haiti border
100k fish in Arkansas
Several hundred birds in Kentucky
Thousands of fish in Florida
Hundreds of Snapper in New Zealand
15 tons of Dead Fish in Brazil
Two million fish in Maryland
Up to a hundred jackdaws in Sweden (DAMN YOU FEMINISTS! DAMN YOU!)
Hundreds of fish in Ontario
Thousands of crabs in UK

The National Post provides some of these mass animal deaths on a map.

A note: There's probably a totally rational explanation for all of this. It's just...incredibly weird. Apparently birds die in the hundreds sometime for various reasons, just not usually this many and in such a short space of time. Let's not forget it was 2012 that the Mayans calculated our inevitable end. We've got a while yet, no worries.


  1. yeah, I've heard about that..on the internet of course:D I don't really think the mayans 'calculated' our end. Maybe they just got lazy and randomly stopped at 2012? lol?

  2. Lol, maybe they did the same thing that fiction writers do...pick a time way in the future that they figure that they personally won't live until, and just say whatever they want about what will happen then.