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Favourite Strong Female Characters

Favourite Strong Female Characters

Rachel (Berenson?)
From K.A. Applegate's series 'Animorphs,' a story of six youths fighting against an invasian of aliens called Yeerks that burrow through the ear canal and control their hosts' brains. They can transform into different animals, and defend Earth. Rachel is easily my favourite character from the series, and I'm going to expand on her another time. She's the Blood Knight of the group, and looks like a mall rat. Tall, blonde, gorgeous, she's developed into a very dark character, always ready for battle, and, in one epic moment, in bear morph (tw for gruesome violence) has her arm cut off and then PICKS IT UP AND USES IT LIKE A CLUB. /flails in fangirl joy

Penelope Garcia
The tech goddess of Criminal Minds, she's the fan-favourite who helps out the FBI BAU(Behavioural Analysis Unit) with computer hacking, research, and database searching. She's adorable, colourful, and maintains a level of humanity and compassion that is clearly hard to hold on to givthe amount of gore and human darkness that the BAU as a whole is exposed to on a regular basis.

Holly Short
From the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer, Holly Short is the first female member of LEPrecon. She's short-tempered, stubborn, fast on her feet, and a completely capable officer. And, of course, the one who has to deal with the Mud Boy Artemis the most often, poor girl. Holly is a great character, with just the right mix of empathy, rebellion and discipline to be a great foil for the main character.

Nico Minoru
The leader of Marvel's Runaways, Nico is gothic, capable, and usually quite maternal. Despite her habit of turning to impromptu romance in times of trouble, she knows how to protect her friends, and has learned through experience when they should or should not listen to adults. I adore her style, and how even when she has doubts, she does her best for the team.

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