Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Canadian Leader's Debate Liveblog

[I did this on Tumblr, thought I should put it here as well.]

“The firestorm of Canadian politics.” I can’t breathe, what is air.

I’m actually really pissed off, watching these pre-debates images of the four leaders laughing and poking each other and they look…like such an old boys club. It’s really irritating. I want Elizabeth May to be there. :/

No, I don’t want Jack Layton babysitting my children. NTY.


‘Sup Mansbridge.

Four old white guys in suits! God, we’re so multicultural.
…I’d like to know the rules. What are the rules? Why can’t the viewers hear the rules?

Hey, first question is a dude from my hometown. What up Newmarket?

lol I just said what up, I’m such a dork.

Harper just said there’s no tax reductions in his current budget.

OH SNAP DUCEPPE. “I would like to congratulate Mr. Harper for answering a question from a citizen for the first time in this campaign.”

Duceppe wants the report to be released, Harper ‘doesn’t have it’. Also, seems to think the fake lake will last ‘for years.’

I love Duceppe’s expressions when Harper talks. It’s like he’s thinking “who the hell does this guy think he’s kidding?”

Lol, Harper, we can all see you’re avoiding his question.

Did he just say Windsor was in Quebec? 0.o I think I misheard him.

I like how there’s apparently no rule about making a short, cursory answer to the question and then going right into a different debate. Oh wow, Ignatieff started to talk about that right when I typed. …Not bad, Iggy.

“You waste public money.” -Ignatieff.

You should not rely on that report! BUT WE WON’T GIVE YOU THE RIGHT REPORT. MUAHAHA.

Is it just me, or is Harper talking to the camera, and the others talk to the person they’re responding too?

I do like how Layton and Ignatieff bring the debate back to the question every so often.

“I don’t agree with it.” Harper, you LIED and got contempt, just deal with it.

Why are you making budget considerations for jets you’ll be buying at the end of the decade?

They’re saying you have to make a choice between too expensive jets you lied about the cost of, and health care, not the women and men in the military and health care. You’re trying to make it sound like they hate the military.


Only one billion for everyone to go to university? …And we’re spending thirty billion on jets? Whaaaat?

You’re creating jobs? Wasn’t it just stated you’d lost 200k jobs?

Jack, this is srs bsns, stop grinning plz.

Second talker is Ontarian as well. …We’ve got a lot of provinces, CBC.

We need to re-invest in our multilaterism, not getting a seat in the Security Council is bloody embarrassing.

…Are they not allowed to swear? Layton just said heck instead of hell.

…Iggy did you just say they’d be ‘safe, defending Afghans’? Dude, wouldn’t they be in harms way then? 0.o

And he’s not saying to pretend it never happened, he’s saying to find another way to provide security.

“Can we trust him?” [Layton about Ignatieff]

Oh, you want us going back in Africa? Eurgh, they’re going to keep talking about aid and never mention hitting the .7% goal we’ve never hit, are they?

Ooh, that’s a nice bit of theatrics, pointing to both Harper and Ignatieff and saying they’ve been in power too long.

Ooh, we’re charing the WHO’s bit about Child and maternal health. Except, y’know, we won’t think about/talk about abortion. -rubs forehead-

Duceppe just dropped the Bush bomb.

Ignatieff likes the ‘one billion dollars in 72 hours’ bit, doesn’t he?

No, it’s not what the government of Canada does. We talk a good talk, but we’ve NEVER hit that sweet spot of .7%.

Is the Prime Minster supposed to speak in the royal we? 0.o

Duceppe makes a few good points, he’s not bad at picking out Harper’s issues.

Harper’s still the only one talking to the camera.

Ignatieff, you don’t quite look natural hand-talking, you don’t have to.

And I’m really starting to hate the tone Harper is speaking in right now. It’s really condescending and irritating me. Slow and nice and rrr.

I wish Elizabeth May was on the dais.

Oooh, third questioner is a newfie!

/Please/ do not elect a majority government, country mine.

Okay, Ignatieff, when you talk as if you’re addreswsing the questioner, look at the camera.Don’t stare at
Harper when you’re speaking to someone else.

‘So called contempt motion’ no, no, it’s not so-called, you have successfully become the only government that his has happened to, and it’s not so-called.

“You haven’t earned a majority.” Yesssss.

What’s that shiny thing on Harper’s lapel? It’s really distracting.

This patronizing voice is getting increasingly irritating, especially when you hear bits of actual caring in the voices of the others.


“This isn’t bickering, this is democracy.” -Ignatieff.

Layton brings it back to the question. And starts to say that they should be working together.

trolololol Duceppe reminding them about working together to write a letter. In face of Harper’s bawing about coalition talk. And Harper’s like ‘NO I DIDNT SAY I WANTED A COALITION’ and the other three went ‘uhh, you’re lying, you’re actually not telling the truth.’

Harper, we can all tell that you’re bullshitting us.

I’m actually laughing about how he keeps trying to lie about having met with them about the coalition.

Yes, Layton, that’s true, that is really irritating that it’s either Liberal or Conservative.

Layton, this is the second time you’ve called Iggy Harper’s best friend.

I think Layton feels left out.

…Harper’s attitude is severely irritating me.


I’m actually a bit surprised that I’m preferring Duceppe out of these four. I wonder if he and May would have had fun trolling Harper and Iggy.

Layton’s supporting proportional representation! YES. I waaaaant.

So wait, Ignatieff is wrong about you not respecting our political process because…you’ve stayed in power? Really? That’s…not a response.

Holy shit, 70% of the votes? He missed SEVENTY PERCENT?

…Oh hey, immigration question from a…non-immgrant.

Ooh, supporting ability to bring over families of workers. Not bad, NDP.

I like how Duceppe and Layton have just reached a point of ‘we’d like more immigrants, it would help Canada, and Harper’s a dick.’

Oooh, asking if Layton would give Qubec control over it’s immigration.

He points out they have a good deal of power over their immigration.

Duceppe is asking : Bill 101 y/n. Layton avoids question. Duceppe presses. Layton still not saying yes or no. And wants to preserve french language.

Ignatieff speaks gratuitous french!

Ignatieff says Harper cut settlement funding, Harper claims they tripled it.

Layton asks why they cut it, Harper repeats that they tripled it.

And that’s the second time Harper’s said “The Bloc is trying to break up the country.”

Layton is trying to get all parties to agree to speed up family immigration. Harper says he will keep doing what he’s already doing. The other two didn’t comment.

…Am I the only one who’s continually irritated that there’s four old white guys arguing about our country’s future? ;-; Why couldn’t May be here, at least she might’ve been a bit different.

Oh shit. They brought up criminals. Ffffff.

I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT JOHN REILLY WHILE IGNATIEFF TALKS. /Why didn’t you kick him out of your party, gd it/

Oooh, Duceppe says Harper’s soft on crime in his own office.

Ignatieff likes Quebec’s Young Offenders program.

If one of them brought up Reilly or the Slutwalk, it just might be an auto-vote.

Duceppe wants to protect the right to abortion, and doesn’t trust Harper’s government not to try and make it illegal. Duceppe’s my favourite of these four now, lmao.

Rehabilitation is important, but we still stopped funding gender reassignment surgery LOLOLOL

‘When the reelected conservative goverment gets back” Fuck you Harper. That is so smug it fills me with rage.

…’Hashtag fail’? …Layton. Layton. Omg.

Layton brings up violence against women! And wants more women in Parliament! After making a crack about  crooks in the Senate. And goes into Native issues.

Ignatieff just said you can’t get rid of violence against women without gun control. …WHAT? Most violence against women is /not/ with guns. It’s, y’know, domestic violence, rape, etc.

Harper finally addresses gun control.

Yes, we do still need registration for all guns, hunting and otherwise

Last question! Wait, is it just me or has most of the questioners been white.? :/ Canada’s a lot more multicultural then this, I swear…

NDP is having fun with ‘health care? Yeah, that was us. Ttly us.’

I am hallucinating Jack Layton’s face turning into a trollface. “Your conversion on this issue is sure fast, Harper.”

Layton is very much angling for votes as we head towards the end.

I really want Harper to stop talking in this smug patronizing way. It’s actually just really, really grinding on my nerves.

Duceppe just wants people to gtfo of Quebec.

The Liberals raised taxes and cut funding! The Conservatives will lower taxes and raise funding!

Layton points out the Liberals have a history of making promises it doesn’t keep.

Duceppe thinks Ottawa has too much money, and that the money could be spent much better forCanadians who could use it.

Is everything the conservatives promise possible: Harper says yes. Layton says it’s about choices. Ignatieff says pegging corporate tax rates and buy cheaper jets. Duceppe says it’s about more choices, less advantages to old companies.

Harper says NDP will always raise taxes and never cut them.

Closing statements! [I will summarize]

Layton: Ignatieff’s party did lots of problems, Harper’s party caused lots of problems. You have a choice. And you can vote for me! I will cap credit card fees, more doctors, help pensions!

Duceppe: Other leaders don’t respect us as a nation. We must become a country. But as long as we’re in Canada, the Bloc is here for eyou. We cannot trust Harper.

Ignatieff: Choose a government that respects democracy. Harper doesn’t. We respect families, we want to restore Canada’s place in the world. The choice is between Conservatives and Liberals.

Harper: Thank you for the honour and trust of making me PM. We’ve done the best to keep Canada safe and taxes low. We have a recovery to complete. We’d like to finish.

And, done. French debate tomorrow, though I'm not blogging that one.

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