Sunday, January 8, 2012


The Christmas season is over, and I'm spared the excessive begging for donations from the Salvation Army. Yeah, no, I'm not giving you bell-ringers jack squat. You wanna know why? Because the Salvation Army has done some pretty terrible things to the LGBTQ community in the past with the money donated to it. In 1986 they tried to keep sex between two men illegal in New Jersey. In 2004 they threatened to close ALL THEIR SOUP KITCHENS in New York over a law which would have made all businesses and charities dealing with the city give their lgbtq employees equal rights. They will sometimes turn people away who seem to belong to the LGBTQ community, and this has resulted in the tragic death in 2008 of Jennifer Gale. Because the homeless shelter run by the Salvation Army would not room her with the cis women, and she would not stay with the cis men (likely thinking of her safety) she died outside of the shelter on the sidewalk.

Not to mention, outside of the LGBTQ community, they have refused to give toys to children who can't prove their immigration status.

In the holiday season, I reccomend you give money to an organization that won't spend some of it threatening to close down soup kitchens and turn away LGBTQ people from their services. Doctors Without Borders are usually a pretty safe bet.

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  1. So the homosexuals can act on their beliefs but the Sally Anne can't?