Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pride Toronto 2011

I got home yesterday from spending the weekend at my friends’, celebrating Pride with her. We marched in the Dyke march (and it was SO MUCH FUN) right behind this band, and we danced the whole time (well, my friend Kalie and me danced, Jen just walked) and just had fun. We got sprayed by the lesbians with waterguns that were watching! And then we looked at all the booths, and I saw a shirt I liked but had no money, and it was FORTY BUCKS, so I didn’t want it anymore. Kalie bought a dress, and then we saw a two-for-twenty dollars glasses stall. Kalie and Jen saw a pair each they liked, and got, and I was lingering over a pretty red pair. Kalie found another one she liked, and I offered to pay her back ten bucks if she bought the one she liked and the one I like. So now I have my new red sunglasses~ And we saw a butch clothing stall, and I really like their stuff (in fact, so much I’ll link you to their website: butchclothing.com) and one lady there gave me their card and mentioned that they had clothing in all sizes. (I went back Sunday, when I had money, and she remembered me. c: Got me a hat that says BUTCH CLOTHING CO, with butch in the biggest letters.)

Then we headed back to Kalie and Jen’s apartment, which was really nice imo. Nice thick walls so they could play their music loud, gorgeous view, open-feeling space. We had a late dinner, Jen went to bed and me and Kalie “watched a movie.” By which I mean, we talked about girls. Until about two. Oh, and they had the CUTEST CAT, named Odette, a little blond brat who kept biting me, and cuddling me and djsakljdfljkfds so CUTE. Worth the scratches and allergies to play with her.

Then we went to watch the Pride parade the next day, which was amazing. I was just…a little overwhelmed to be honest, and my feet hurt a bit, and I was honestly way more interested in people-watching the crowd then I was in the parade. I mean…the parade’s awesome, but I just…like looking at everyone there, and walking by, seeing their clothing, seeing them, and knowing that most of the people there were queer in some way, and everyone there was supportive. It was..an amazing feeling, and I don’t really know how to support it. I felt it during the Dyke March too, but that was more…electric, it made me want to shout with everyone, kept me moving and smiling. This just made me…really, really happy in a tranquil way.

…Okay, and honesty makes me admit this, I also looked at bums. Well. I was sitting on a step, and lots of pretty ladies wore short shorts. (Lots and lots and lots of pretty ladies with very nice bums.)
We looked at the shops again, I got my hat, and I bought a shirt I’d seen two people wearing and had to have. The first time I saw it, I just told Kalie I needed it. The second time, I stopped the guy and asked where he bought it, and we went down to Out On The Street(they had so much AWESOME STUFF, and it’s all super LGBTQ+ positive), and bought a shirt that says “Proud to be Everything the Right Wing Hates.” <3

Also, there was one protester, there both days. We only stopped and watched him at the Dyke March. He got hit with a soda can and a water bottle, shouted at, almost assaulted by one very angry woman, whose wife kept trying to hold her back, (We spoke to the wife, lovely lady) and shot by three water guns from three different directions at once. I shouted a few criticisms of his logic, but I don’t think he listened.

OH OH AND THERE WERE DERBY GIRLS OMG Kalie kept pointing them out to me after I mentioned how awesome/hot derby girls are. AND Kalie and me are going to go learn how to shoot guns this winter from her cousin. Who’s in the military!

SO BASICALLY. Pretty awesome weekend.

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