Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Abortion and the Holocaust

This is a bad comparison to make. Very, very bad.

First off, the Holocaust was a real event that really happened and really killed over six million Jewish people, Roma people, gay people, and various other groups that didn't fit Hitler's racist ideal. Real, born people, with names, souls, personalities, goals, hopes and dreams. Can we all please agree that their loss should be respected and not used for various political purposes and to demonize whatever we disagree with?

Second off, Godwin's law. But I'll keep arguing since I know someone who makes such a comparison won't respect that rule.

Third off, Nazi's were anti-choice. They used abortion to keep the numbers down of the groups they wanted to eradicate, and forced abortions onto those women. They did not allow abortion as an option for white women. Which means that the Nazi's stance on abortion was NOTHING LIKE the current political stance on abortion. Forcing a woman to get an abortion is a crime, and OB/Gyn's that perform abortions will refuse to perform one on a woman that says she doesn't want one. The choice is the most important aspect, because the choice was what the Nazis denied to the woman they forced to have abortions or denied access to abortions.

Fourth, showing pictures of Holocaust victims for any reason other then teaching about the Holocaust or remembering those who died and suffered during the Holocaust is WRONG. How dare anyone use these pictures for a shock picture, for a way to demonize their opponents?

Why am I talking about this? Because Brock Students for Life are hosting Stephanie Gray from the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform to make a presentation comparing legal abortion to the Holocaust. And this outrages me.


  1. Abortion is the modern-day holocaust and the genocide continues every day. How many pictures of chopped up limbs, crushed skulls and smeared flesh do you need to see to realize that these people would have been teenagers, fathers, brothers, friends, grandmothers, musicians, doctors, and people from all walks of life?

    This is a real event that really is happening and literally kills over 1.3 million people every year in the U.S. alone. That is about 3,700 human beings per day being destroyed.

    Whether it was Adolph Hitler who rationalized his destruction of human beings, to pro-choice supporters who rationalize the destruction of human beings, the similarities are astounding.

    Please watch the short video below. You will actually see a little penis, little mouths, little ears, hands, fingers all being torn to bits and thrown in the trash. In reality, it is truly outrageous that you find a way to defend the massacre of human beings. Please watch the documentary at

    These little people belonged in a family, not in a trashcan. Incredibly, you have managed to rationalize the death of human beings in the same way that Hitler did...

    I'm afraid you are on the wrong side of the issue. I would suggest reading the book Unplanned, by former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson, who witnessed an ultrasound of a baby trying to get away from the abortionist's killing instrument. Abby ran out of the clinic in horror and joined the pro-life cause. Here's her book:

  2. Look, I have something to tell you. It might be hard to understand. Most 'abortion pictures' are fake. They're mislabelled, miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, stillborns, etc. They're very rarely actual results of abortions. It's part of the reason why shock pictures are considered poor argument, they're easily faked or misrepresented, and the pro-life movement does this compulsively.

    There is a very important difference between 'my grandmother died' and 'that could have been a grandmother.' Potential is not the same as existence.

    And no, the similarities are not astounding. Hitler and pro-choice activists are not brain twins. Could you stop this petty demonization? Hitler wanted a master race. Pro choice activists want every woman to make her own decision about her pregnancy.

    And lol, yes, of course, that's such a real abortion, you can tell by the traditional 'posing of fetal parts next to coins' that all medical professionals do. And I'm sure they throw it in the trash, it's not as though it's medical waste that needs to be disposed of properly or anything. Yeah, I stopped watching after that oh-so-convincing bit with the coin. The thing that offended me most about that video was again, the callous and appropriative use of holocaust imagery and imagery from slavery. These images are not for your petty political games. It's innapropriate, disrespectful, and another attempt to manipulate people through an engineered emotional response rather then a reasoned argument.

    Yes, yes, I'm just like Hitler, wanting each person to make their own decisions for their own bodies and own lives.

    Again, LOL. Abby Johnson went on the radio the day after and defended the clinic she worked at and the work they did. Two of her co-workers have testified that she was worrying about being fired before she quit. And the abortion she claimed to have seen happened on a day when, shockingly, there's no record of their having been an ultrasound-guided abortion. Or were more then ten weeks pregnant, when she claimed the abortion that ~changed her worldview~ was thirteen weeks.

    Maybe the wrong side is the one that, y'know, lies and misrepresents their side?

  3. Even if the pictures are faked, they have to be a fairly accurate representation or at least one can get a representation in their mind after learning about abortion proceedures.

    Seeing as how the baby in utero exists, I’d say they are the same things. It’s just like when a child gets killed in a car accident and people think about what that child could have grown up to be.

    If those in the pro-abortion movement really wanted women to make their own choices they wouldn’t use lies and omission of information when talking to women.

    This isn’t just a petty political thing; this is an eternal thing about whether people are going to live by God’s law or not.